soXos Strike 7 Tail Upgrade 13T/8mm


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soXos Strike 7 Tail Upgrade 13T/8mm

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Tail Upgrade 13T/8mm

The tail update with a strong 8mm belt in combination with the 13t tail drive pulley increases the speed at the tail rotor and allows a 30% higher power transmission to the tail.
Concretely this means for the pilot that he has noticeably more tail power, also by low RRM flights and extreme reverse maneuvers.

1 x Drive Belt 8mm  (Nr.1699-8)
1 x Tail Drive Pulley 13T  (Nr.1687)
2 x Tail Belt guindance (Nr.1680-01)
4 x Flanged Bearing 3x8x3 (Nr.1705)
2 x Distance Sleeve (Nr.1706)
1 x Set Screw M4x6 (Nr.1701)
2 x Hex Socket Screw M3x20 (Nr.17)


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