JLOG 2.6 GW (Discontinued)


 JLog 2.6 GW


Product discontinued by manufacturer please check new version available here.

is a special R/C data logger, alarm generator and telemetry gateway. Logging, telemetry and alarms are all about sensors; therefore JLog supports the following sensors:

ESC  as a virtual multi-sensor, the uniqueness of JLog:

  • Kontronik JIVE
  • Kontronik KOSMIK and JIVE Pro 1
  • Castle Creations ICE/Edge series with Castle Link Live enabled 2
  • Graupner/SJ Brushless Control +T series 1
  • JETI MEZON (BEC and Opto)
  • Hobbywing Platinum V3 plus option HiTec C200 for current, mAh - HERKULES III multi ESC (multi-rotor)
  • DJI NAZA with R²prototyping C2T CANbus data spy - AC-3X v3 FBL system with sensors
  • Hifei KingKong III Pro

 Discrete sensors for additional measurements external to an ESC:

  • 1 precision analogue temperature sensor Microchip TC104623 4 - 1 to 3 12bit digital temperature sensors Maxim DS18B2045
  • Standard RPM sensor 6 - Air speed sensor SM#2560 (Prandtl probe, commonly known as pitot tube)
  • R²prototyping HV²BEC as a virtual multi-sensor (data link)
  • R²prototyping CVS16, 16x voltage sensor upto 73V or 16S intelligent cell monitor
  • HiTec C200 Hall core current sensor 200A for Hobbywing ESC Platinum V3


One of the fastest-growing developments in R/C industry is the integration into transmitter and receiver. Unfortunately most time followed by an incomplete set of available sensors and/or missing interoperability with existing ESCs. JLog’s unique feature is to not only connect and log to the various available sensors as listed above but having the extended ability to transmit the captured data using the existing telemetry link of your transmitter/receiver. The following systems are currently supported:

  • Multiplex MSBv2
  • JETI v1 and EX
  • Graupner/SJ HoTTv4
  • Futaba S.BUS2 (FASSTest) 7
  • JR Propo (DMSS)
  • SPEKTRUM via TM1000 X-Bus
  • HiTec
  • FrSky S.Port
Additionally "wired telemetry" i.e. live display:
  • OpenFormat Livestream in 4 configurable baud rates
  • SM Unidisplay
  • JETIbox (all models)
  • Graupner/SJ SmartBox


    JLog2.6 device, injection molded housing

    • UNI (JR) servo cable for your ESC79
    • Special cable to connect the Kontronik KOSMIK or JIVE Pro
    • 2GB micro SD card
    • USB micro SD reader

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