Jeti Voltage Regulator HiCopter 12V/8A (4-12S)


$ 155.00

Made In Czech Republic
BEC Jeti HiCopter 12V8A
Manufacturer Jeti Model
Type Switching Regulator
Max Input Voltage 51V
Min Input Voltage 14V
Output Voltage 12V Stabilized
Output Current 8A Continues/18A Peak
Dimensions 80mm x 36mm x 25mm
Weight 100g
Applications FPV & APV Devices

The new Jeti HiCopter switching BEC is designed to regulate the voltage from your 14-51V power source (4-12S Li-Poly or 5-14S LiFe packs) and provide stable output voltage of 12V at 8A Continued up to 18A Peak current for your (APV) Aerial Photography and Video & (FPV) First Person View equipment. With high output voltages available the Jeti HiCopter 12V8A switching regulator is ready to satisfy the requirements of most multi rotor and camera pilots.

Input Voltage (Li-Poly)/Continues Output Current: 3S/18A, 4S/17.5A, 6S/16.5A, 8S/15.5A, 10S/14.5A

The input and output sides consist of single positive/negative wires for connection to your battery and powered devices.

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* Instruction Manual (pdf.)