Jeti Telemetry Sensor Air Pressure MBar EX & Expander


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Dimensions: 30mm x 23mm x 13mm
Weight: 7g
Pressure Accuracy/Resolution: +/-2%, 0.1kPa
Measurement Range: 0-1000kPa (150psi)
Operation Temp: -10C to +85C
Supply Voltage: 3.5V to 8.4V
Current Draw: 15mA

More information (links):
* Instruction Manual (pdf.)
Jeti's MBar EX is a sensor that measures high pressures of non-corrosive and unionized gases and liquids. The sensor records the maximum and minimum measured values of pressure and temperature. Also, it is possible to set an alarm for a high pressure measurement or a pressure drop. The information from the sensor is transmitted to the user via Duplex EX system. The MBar EX can be used for measuring pressure in containers with compressed air (retractable landing gear systems) or for controlling the oil pressure in hydraulic systems. Use with 1/16" (1.6mm) inside diameter pressure tubing.

For proper MBar function the transmitter version at least 2.20 (or newer) and the receiver version 3.14 (or newer) is necessary. Make sure that in the Devices folder of your SD card you have a configuration file "MBAR.bin".

Jeti Telemetry Sensor Air Pressure MBar EX & Expander MBar Transmitter Setting
On the main screen in the general menu you can see all the available options, actual pressure, temperature, and also maximum and minimum values. The minimum and maximum values can be reset manually in the menu or using your transmitter.
Jeti Telemetry Sensor Air Pressure MBar EX & Expander Expander Setting
Due to its flexibility, the MBar EX allows connection of up to two additional sensors. MBar2 then acts as an Expander and sends its own telemetry to the receiver together with the telemetry of connected sensors. You can connect for example speedometer MSPEED EX for the speed compensation (TEK) or any other sensor to any port (Ext1 or Ext2).

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Jeti Telemetry Sensor Air Pressure MBar EX & Expander

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