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    High Torque Servo for Airplane / Jet / Electric Plane


    2013 FAI-F3F World Cup, Lung Pan F3F, 24.58s World Record by Mr.O !

    The equipment of champion:

    Needle 100 /
    HBL6625 for aileron/flap
    HV747 for rudder/elevator

    - 12 x 20 mm coreless motor, High efficient, More durable.
    - 9mm VR, Ultrahigh-resolution.
    - New type gear structure, Tiny backlash, High durable.


    No. S0022002



     Torque: 11.8 kg-cm (6.0V)  /  13.8 kg-cm  (7.4V)  /  15 kg-cm (8.2V)

     Speed: 0.17 s (6.0V)  /  0.14 s (7.4V)  /  0.13 s (8.2V)

     Weight:   38.55 g

    Dimension:35.5 x 15 x 28.5 mm   
    Working  Voltage:3.8 ~ 8.4 V DC Volts  (2S Lipo un-regulated)
    Working  frequency:1520μs / 333hz
    Dead Band:0.001 ms (Default)
    Motor:Coreless Motor
    Gear:Chrome-Titanium alloy gear
    Electric current draw: 2.6A max.(8.2V)   │   2.4A max.(7.4V)   │  2.0A max (6.0V)

    Wire Length:29.5 cm

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