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Low Profile Servo

  • Ideal for 1/10 surface applications.
  • Combining full metal gears, case and amazing speed.The low-profile dimensions makes it perfect for any vehicle that is cramped for space.
  • CNC Machined Metal Case Design for Exceptional Cooling.
  • HD 4096 Resolution, 0.008ms Dead Band.
  • Superior Holding Torque, Japanese Brushless Motor.
  • High speed, incredible efficiency, and low power consumption than comparable servos.



  Torque: 10 kg-cm (4.8V)  /  13.3 kg-cm (6.0V)  /  16.8 kg-cm (7.4V)

  Speed: 0.10 s (4.8V)  /  0.08 s (6.0)  /  0.07 s (7.4V)

 Weight: 53.51 g

Dimension:40.5 x 20.5 x 23.1 mm   
Working  Voltage:3.5 ~ 7.4 V (Max)
Working  frequency:1520μs / 333Hz
Dead Band:0.0008 ms (Default)
Motor:4 Poles Japan High Quality Brushless Motor
Gear:Chrome-Titanium alloy gear


The working temperature is higher when working at 7.4V. Please install cooling fan or use servo on the environment of good ventilation.


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